In our Middle School program, students are exposed to a variety of technology tools in order to discover their passions and achieve success across the curriculum. Technology instruction strives to reinforce student knowledge through presentation, research, problem-solving and collaboration skills. Students are introduced to software applications and technology skills that are fundamental and built upon each year. Students work on developing and practicing an understanding for Internet safety.


Fifth grade is immersed in the research process. Students learn how to access reliable resources, take careful notes and create citations. With a continued emphasis on the research process, sixth grade participates in the Dream Room project in order to determine sales tax and stay within a budget using the Excel program. Recognizing the importance of research and its role in argument, seventh grade creates newspapers through a historical framework. Eighth grade continues to practice various methods of research while working on a design program called Sketch Up and learning to draw three-dimensional houses.


Middle School Technology Tools: Microsoft Word, Power Point, Excel, Noodle Tools, Sketch Up, iMovie, Prezi, Google Docs